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As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.


Vestry,  Ch. Bonnie Brier Dealer's Choice (Ch. Bonnie Brier James Butler CD x Ch. Bonnie Brier Sittin' Pretty), was the patriarch of the family and turned 17 years young on June 8, 2015.  Vestry passed in August, 2015 but is still part of the family. He was first generation naturally reared and although age slowed him down, he aged remarkable well. For a first generation NR Westie, that was truly amazing. The eyes are the way to the soul and Vestry's eyes, even at 17, were clear. The pictures with his "mom" were taken when he was being shown and the photographer for the "love fest" was Kenneth Reed. Two of the pictures with toys were on his previous birthdays as he got to pick out his own birthday toy. Vestry was a gentle soul and a wise and kind gentleman who loved to give kisses all the time. He will always be alive in my heart, forever.




Sadie, Bonnie Brier Boot Scootin' Sadie ROM (Ch. Bonnie Brier Dealer's Choice x Ch. Bonnie Brier Lil'Bit Country) has since passed on but will always be part of the family. What an incredible girl is was. Sadie received her ROM (Registry of Merit) from the WHWTCA, which means she is a top producing dam with 5 champion offspring. Go to ACCOMPLISHMENTS to see all the exciting news about Sadie's award.  Sadie was not able to finish her championship as I had put all dog show activities aside while my sister Judy was battling cancer. Just the same, Sadie proved herself in the whelping box.  She was sweet, gives many kisses, loved tummy rubs, walks, chasing the ball and loved to snuggle on the couch. She also enjoyed barking at, and chasing squirrels, whenever she saw them. She had great hunting instincts as evident by the many holes she had dug in the yard trying to get at the moles or woodchuck living under the shed. She is another of the Lord's blessings upon me. 


Tommy, Ch. Bonnie Brier I Wanna Talk About Me (Bonnie Brier Lil'Bit RockNRoll x Bonnie Brier Boot Scootin' Sadie ROM) has also passed and like all the Westies, left my heart with another hole in it. Tommy, aka Tommy Tune, was a true sweetie and loved sleeping on the bed, tummy rubs, hikes, was a quick learner and was easy going although he commanded respect especially from his subordinates, namely his brother and son.  He loved to explore and hunt, especially for chipmunks in the woodpile. Tommy was a proven stud dog and has passed on his best features to his son Nick and daughter JJ.  Tommy loved giving and getting kisses and hugs. He was such a tough boy even at the end. God lent me another special blessing.


Pistol, Ch. Bonnie Brier Sharp Shooter (Bonnie Brier Lil'Bit RockNRoll x Bonnie Brier Boot Scootin' Sadie ROM), will be  12 years young in June, 2020 and is 3rd generation 100% NR. Pistol, aka Pistol Pete, loves toys and is quite protective of his own. Unfortunately, he can "kill" a squeak toy in under 20 seconds and then it ends up being pulled apart. He is unwilling to share his toys and likes to steal everyone else's, too. He loves attention and likes to "talk" as well. In fact, if one is inclined, quite a conversation can be had. Pistol loves to chase squirrels, chase the ball and be an overall troublemaker.  Pistol, when shown, did very well and garnered Best of Breed and a Terrier Group 4th placement. He has been A-1 healthy his whole life with no breed health issues and I credit that to natural rearing practices and the guidance of our Lord.


Judi, Ch. Bonnie Brier Sparkle Plenty (Ch. Bonnie Brier I Wanna Be A Cowboy  x Bonnie Brier Boot Scootin' Sadie ROM) was named in honor of my sister Judy, who passed away in 2008.  It was beyond joyful when Judi finished her championship. Judi, 3rd generation NR, turns 11 in June, 2020.  Judi loves to chase the ball as well and can do it all day if I let her. She is sweet and loves to give and get kisses. She's independent, loves hiking and hanging out on the couch or under the couch. Judi has had three litters and in her first litter one Westie, Eugene, finished his championship and he is enjoying home life and agility. Judi's last puppy, JJ, was welcomed into the world in January, 2015. God willing, JJ will carry on the NR line. 



JJ, Bonnie Brier Montana Jubilee Jewel (Ch. Bonnie Brier I Wanna Talk About Me x Ch. Bonnie Brier Sparkle Plenty), turned 5 years young in January, 2020. She has lovely conformation and boy can she move. She certainly is a darling little girl, loves to swim and knows how to "circle."  JJ was her great, granddad Vestry's protector.  She loved him and was always spending time just being around him. God willing, JJ will be bred and produce the 5th generation of NR Westies. 


Sage, Bonnie Brier Sage O' The Prairie, (Ch. Bonnie Brier Honky Tonk Cowboy Blue x Bonnie Brier Montana Jubilee Jewel)  turns 2 in July, 2020. She was a single puppy and while she would have finished her championship easily, I could not show her due to my health issues at the time. Now, it just doesn't matter. Sage is a wild child but loving. She can circle while standing on her hind feet, just like her daddie, Cowboy. She is quite the accomplished ballerina. She notices everything and barks to prove it.

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