What is Natural Rearing?



Our Creator did a magnificent thing by providing everything on the earth for humans and animals to exist and thrive. It has been this way since Genesis. Now, take away so much that is man-made because it is a scientifically documented fact that our nation's citizens and the health status of dogs today are worse off, sicker and dying. I acknowledge that there are some things that have been very beneficial to humankind and to animals. Many people were given their talents and skills from God. However, in my opinion, so much has been harmful as well. So much has been decided because of greed, profit and politics. Hence, God has been abandoned by so many people. Lies have taken over truth; evil over good. No wonder our country/world today is in such a crisis! Still, I trust in God. 


The earth provides the proper food for all living things to grow, sustain life, heal and reproduce. We have everything in nature, including herbs, minerals, plants, roots, etc., to keep humans and animals healthy and also to heal those who do get sick. A good example is cannabis that has many incredible healing properties. Since around the 1930's, government politicians have demonized this incredible curing plant (again about greed) because they have not or do not want to educate themselves to do what is right for the people or animals.  I encourage you to visit www.TheSacredPlant.com to learn more. 


Natural Rearing has its roots in the belief that life can, will and does thrive by supporting and using all that God has provided on the earth instead of what man decides should be done. I always say that when man sticks his nose into something, it usually has a terrible outcome. Consider the human and animal medical profession today. Overall, no one really teaches people how to stay healthy or keep their pets healthy. Why, allopathic veterinarians promote processed pet food, vaccinations, toxic chemicals in flea/tick/heartworm medication, etc. Have an issue then take this pill or have that surgery. Human doctors are no better when all they promote for cancer treatment is cut, poison and burn. Why, even with my own health crises in 2018, I was told I had rheumatoid arthritis so I should just take a drug and suck it up. I protested. I know my body and I did not accept their diagnosis. Eventually, it was proven I did not have RA but Lyme and 6 co-infections, which my holistic doctor across the country diagnosed when we put our heads together! Today, I'm doing extremely well.  We each must take charge of our health and that of our loved companions. 


Where does detoxing the body and getting the patient on a whole food diet come in? I lost my sister to cancer in 2008 and no one was concerned to educate her about eating right at the very least.


It is also about commonsense and KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge is power in order to make informed choices, which is OUR responsibility. Natural rearing supports each animal to have and maintain as healthy a level of immune and digestive system function as possible because the immune system (including about 80-85% of the digestive system) is the key factor to either having good health or succumbing to disease and illness. Everything starts with the food each species is designed by God to eat and thrive on, not what man had changed and fooled society to believe. Just follow the money trail.


This is true for all species.  For example, and this is fact; cancer is a symptom of a compromised immune system. All health issues are symptoms as well. So, if your companion develops cancer or any other health issue, look to the immune system (including nutrition) and start there. As your companion's guardian, by practicing the NR ways, you are doing all you can to help your animal avoid developing disease or illness especially in a world where there is tremendous stress and now EMF pollution with electromagnetic frequencies in all the electronic devices, computers, cell towers, etc. that animals and people are subjected to day in and day out. [check out www.bioinitiative.org to read for yourself]


God created man to have free will. That means you and I make our own choices in life.  Those “informed” choices should be based on God, education and truth and not fear or ignorance, which keeps the masses in line. When we take control and make health decisions for our cherished companions, we ensure the best health opportunities for our animals to avoid cancer, arthritis, periodontal disease, digestive upsets, ear infections, allergies, etc. The same can be said for each of us as well. 


If you are interested in a naturally reared Westie, please note the following:


What Are The Major Commitments When One Is The Guardian To A Bonnie Brier NR Westie aside from unending love?


  • continue to feed a "clean" species appropriate raw diet for the Westie's lifetime*

  • continue to support natural immunity for the Westie's lifetime

  • continue no use of toxic chemicals/pesticides such as in flea/tick or heartworm products for the Westie's lifetime

  • no use of toxic chemicals, cleaners, etc. used in the home for the Westie's lifetime

  • no use of toxic substances such as glysophate (i.e. Roundup) in weed killers, herbicides, etc. for lawns, etc. These are carcinogenic (cancer causing) and bad for children and pets.

  • continue to primarily utilize a Holistic veterinarian when needed for the Westie's lifetime but also have a trusted allopathic vet on your team

  • continue to educate yourself 


* animals raised with no antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO feeds, and should be grass fed (pasture raised is great) on clean grass with no toxic products used on pasture, hay, etc. Fowl should also have access to clean outdoors and feed should be non-GMO.  Aside from organic meats/poultry in stores, everything else is feedlot raised and unhealthy for humans to eat as well. 

There are no compromises for any of the above commitments if one is truly interested in a NR Westie. 


Naturally, I stand committed to be your life long mentor but expect prospective guardians to start their education long before they seek and find a NR puppy.


Christine, Garth and Shania

Now into my 5th, 100% NR generation, I have seen wonderful health results. My Westies have proven that NR does make a difference. Don’t we all want truly healthy animals? What are you willing to do for your companions?                                             Can you handle a paradigm shift in belief?


Natural Rearing Commits To:




  • Supporting natural immunity

  • Not using any toxic chemicals/pesticides

  • Keeping males and females intact because it is healthier to do so

  • Utilizing holistic modalities


  • Benefits of Feeding Raw


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Any information found on this site is for informational and educational purposes only; to assist you in continuing your research and education in order to make informed choices for the health care decisions for your companion.  You are encouraged to always consult your holistic veterinarian with any health issue.