Over the Rainbow Bridge

Embraced in their Creator's arms


Ch. Bonnie Brier Dealer's Choice

(Ch. Bonnie Brier James Butler CD x Ch.Bonnie Brier Sittin' Pretty)


June 6, 1998 ~ August 10, 2015

17 years - 2 months - 4 days


What an amazing "dash" he had. What an honored blessing he was in my life.  The model NR Westie; raw fed for his lifetime, natural immunity supported for his lifetime, which means NOT ONE vaccine, no toxic flea/tick/heartworm products for his lifetime. Ball chaser extraordinaire, the best kisser, loved walks and going for car rides; he especially loved the breeze in his face. Sweet and loving, just like his dad, Jimmy, but still all boy. Did I mention he was intact his whole life! God provided for Vestry's longevity by giving me the wisdom and courage needed to take that first step.  I will always be thankful that God led me to the only ways for acheiving health and longevity for his creations--the natural rearing ways. After all, God knows best.


I will miss my honey-boy until the day we are together again.




Precious Bonnie Brier Westies Who Have Traveled On

Gone For Now But Never Forgotten

Cosmo Quinn

(Ch. Kullindine Trailblazer x Ch. Bonnie Brier Sittin’ Pretty)

April 5, 2002 ~ November 13, 2016

14 years - 7 months - 8 days

Forever Treasured

Tillie McCormick
Bonnie Brier Little Dipper

(Ch. Brybern's Errol Flynn x Ch. Bonnie Brier Sittin' Pretty)

June 24, 1999 ~ September 25, 2016

17 years - 3 months -1 day
A Forever Blessing

Max MacAndrew 

(Ch. Kenwood Blizzard at Windsong x Holyrood's Remember Me)

April 17, 1998 ~ September 11, 2015

17 years -4 months - 24 days

Loved and Missed Each Day

Troon Bates

(Ch. Brybern's Errol Flynn x Ch. Bonnie Brier Sittin' Pretty)

June 24, 1999 ~ September, 2015

16 years - 3 months

Mr. "T" was unconditional love and is greatly missed.

Shania Janis
Ch. Bonnie Brier Lil' Bit County
(Ch. Sweetsong's King O'RockN'Roll x Holyrood's Remember Me)
May 27, 1999 ~ October 17, 2015
16 years - 5 months
A special heart in a special Westie.  Truly missed.

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