The Lord hates those who tell lies but is pleased with those who keep their promises.

Proverbs 12:22


We are now RETIRED from both showing, and for reasons beyond my control, further breeding. Please continue to learn from this website as it will be terminated in the near future. Thank you for visiting all these years. I truly wish for your cherished companions great health, happiness and longevity.


Since 1996, Bonnie Brier Westies Are Exclusively Raised the NR Way For a Long Life of TRUE Health and Well-Being

24 Years Later We Now Have Our 5th Generation

Natural Rearing Is The ONLY Way Towards Eliminating Breed Health Issues, Obtaining and Retaining True Health and Longevity.

~ "With God All Things Are Possible." ~

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Westies are awesome blessings. They have been part of my life since I was 15. It doesn't matter if they are a family companion that does tricks or gives abundant kisses, or their talents lead them to conformation showing or performance activities like agility, obedience, barnhunt, tracking or earthdog. All are cherished and loved companions, first and foremost. Nothing else is as important and we should not forget that.  Live each day as if it were the last.


After the tragic loss of my Westie, Summer, in 1996, I made a paradigm shift to natural rearing. Back in the "old" days, I raised my Westies the way allopathic veterinarians told me I should and I followed what I was led to believe was the truth.  I followed the advice to vaccinate yearly, feed kibble and use toxic flea and tick products.  Now I know those ways contributed to health issues with many of my earlier Westies. Today, with guidance from God, I now know that carnivores must eat their species raw diet, including supporting natural immunity, and not using toxic chemicals. These are critical factors but not the only factors to optimizing the immune system health which equals true health and longevity of our Westies (all dogs actually).


After years of researching for the "real" truth, which is never ending, it is obvious that  processed pet foods, vaccinations, toxic flea/tick/heartworm products, etc. that the majority of the veterinary and dog community promotes, are the foundations towards disease and illness and cancer. Back in the day, we hardly saw a case of cancer  or other immune system related diseases. Today, it is more common and so one should ask, why? What is causing all this ill health and early deaths in dogs? As Denish D'Souza once remarked,  "you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts." One only needs to want to seek the truth and travel that journey, but will you?


I’m passionate about NR because now, with our 5th NR generation, it humbles me to see how healthy the Westies are. We do not have breed problems like hip dysplasia, luxating patellas, CMO, skin diseases or eye issues, etc. Never so much as an ear infection either. No dental cleanings needed where recreational raw meaty bones are nature's toothbrush. Everything points back to immune system health, the one thing we must understand and work towards and support if we are to see our dogs live those long disease free lives. In fact, we have celebrated the birthdays of 4 Westies living to over 17 years of age; Dillon over 18 and Alice was almost 19!!. Many others have lived well into their 16 plus years. Quite a different picture from those early year prior to NR.


Step into our world, learn more about the Bonnie Brier Westies, and learn why I believe and practice what I do and how you, too, can build a healthier Westie (or any dog).

One last note.  I have retired from showing dogs and sadly, due to circumstances beyond my control,  from further breeding. Therefore, at some point in the future, I will also likely retire this website. I have tried over the 24 years to educate other breeders and dog lovers. Many have taken this information to heart and have educated themselves, but most have not. I believe that's what saddens me the most. What God has given us, few people believe. 


To God Be The Glory,



A Third and a First at Bonnie Brier

Bonnie Brier Boot Scootin' Sadie ROM
is our third ROM and first and only naturally reared Westie
in America to achieve her ROM (Registry of Merit) from the West Highland White Terrier Club of America with all 5 of her Champion offspring naturally reared as well. They are:

Ch. Bonnie Brier I Wanna Talk About Me

Ch. Bonnie Brier Sharp Shooter

Ch. Bonnie Brier I Love This Bar

Ch. Bonnie Brier Honky Tonk Cowboy Blue

Ch. Bonnie Brier Sparkle Plenty

Our first two ROM's were:

Ch. Bonnie Brier She's Groovin'
(6 champions)
Ch. Bonnie Brier Heathertoes


We Praise God For All These Westies and the Blessings!

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Did you Know?


The best way to keep your Westie healthy is by maintaining a strong immune system, including feeding a raw diet...

Who is Bonnie Brier


Bonnie Brier is the prefix for my AKC registered Westies. My name is Christine Swingle and I’ve loved Westies for 51 years! I am currently in Arizona  with 5 naturally reared Westies. Our eldest, Vestry, left us in 2015 at the age of 17+ years young. That's what natural rearing can do.  

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Any information found on this site is for informational and educational purposes only; to assist you in continuing your research and education in order to make informed choices for the health care decisions for your companion.  You are encouraged to always consult your holistic veterinarian with any health issue.

Cowboy, Ch. Bonnie Brier Honky Tonk Cowboy Blue [Lynn Stone Photo]